Welcome to the Benoxer range of animal travel and exercise equipment

Benoxers patented range is different to other dog harnesses. It is a safety system with a unique construction and design aiming to create maximum protection and comfort for your pet during travel and exercise.

Tested and strengthened components are used where necessary, incorporating military and marine standards not seen in other pet harnesses to give strength and durability. Unlike standard pet/dog harnesses the Benoxer harness is fully adjustable for a bespoke fit for your dogs size and height during travel and exercise.

The Benoxer Range offers safety and a support to your pet concentrating on your pets individual needs during travel and exercise. In many instances the Benoxer dog and pet travel harness prevents pets car sickness.

The Benoxer dog harness offers excellent support for elderly or infirm animals during exercise or recuperation after an operation as well as for general exercise purposes.

Cages merely restrict the distance an animal travels before impact - and if unsecured, a cage can injure both animals and passenger. The Benoxer travel and exercise harness range offers security and peace of mind.

Benoxers pet/dog travel and exercise harness is suitable for all vehicles including trailers, lorries, aircraft and boats.
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